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World Cup 2022 - Maven Challenge

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The Objective

The World Cup 2022 Maven Challenge We were asked to tell a single page story of a country's history with the world cup, their road to Qatar, and their expectations for this year's tournament by using data visualization.

Maven provided 7 CSV files which contained over 19,000 records.

The records included data types: string, date, integers

The Thought Process

I decided to use my new found skills in MySQL to extract all insights from the data sets, I then chose to create the single page dashboard in Excel. Producing a number of different SELECT statements I managed to interrogate that data to find some key data points which helped tell a story about England and their World Cup History. The challenges I faced with the data was ensuring all of the data types were correct and that any gaps in data were identified before uploading to MySQL.

The Key Points

  • England have only won the World Cup once since it started back in 1930
  • England won the World Cup in 1966 playing 6 games: Winning 5 and Drawing 1
  • In their history England have Played 69 WC games, Winning 29 and Drawing 21 of those
  • England topped their WC Qualifying group playing 10 games. Winning 8 and Drawing 2
  • England scored 39 goals only conceding 3 and their Key Player was Harry Kane
  • Harry Kane has scored 6 previous World Cup goals
  • The England squad has an average age of 26.42 and the average for the entire tournament is 26.97
  • Is Football Coming Home?

The Final Output

A complete 1 page visual broken down into the 3 key focus points as per the original request.


This section shows key metrics on the past World Cups and how England have performed over the years.

Road to Qatar

This section shows how England qualified for the World Cup and highlights one of the teams Key Players.

Expectations for the 2022 World Cup

This section gives a bit of insight around the average age for teams in this years world cup. With the weather conditions in Qatar I thought this might be a telling factor in how the European teams perform. To end, the key quote for any Englishmen... "Is Football Coming Home?"

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