Operational Performance Analysis – Plato’s Pizza Restaurant

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Operational Performance Analysis – Plato’s Pizza Restaurant

Power BI Interactive Report

About this project

This is my submission for Maven Analytics’ Pizza Challenge October 2022. This report summarizes Plato’s Pizza restaurant’s annual performance of the year 2015. Additionally, it makes recommendations to identify opportunities to increase sales and perform more efficiently.

Dataset Plato’s Pizza is a fictitious Greek-inspired pizza place in New Jersey. The dataset provided in the Data Playground contains one year of sales data. It contains four tables in CSV format.

Task Create data models and use your data analysis & visualization skills to bring the data to life. Analyze data and create a report to help Plato’s Pizza find opportunities to drive more sales and work more efficiently.

Also, answer the following questions.

  • What days and times do we tend to be busiest?
  • How many pizzas are we making during peak periods?
  • What are our best and worst selling pizzas?
  • What’s our average order value?
  • How well are we utilizing our seating capacity? (we have 15 tables and 60 seats)
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