Tracking Movies Rental Store Performance

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Tracking Movies Rental Store Performance

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Project Description

In this project, I played a role to help DVD Rental business tracking their current performance. To support manager’s decision-making process, I need to develop a single-page dashboard using the data that will be pulled out from the SQL database. Several questions have been raised:

  • How do we know that our business is on the right track?
  • Which genres are popular in our rental stores so that we can prioritize to stock popular genres?
  • Do all the popular movies give us much profit?
  • Do all the movies are returned on-time by customers?

My approach

First, I decided which data that will be used. I pulled the Inventory, Rental, Films, and Stores data using SQL. Several methods have been used:

  • Using JOIN to merge between two or more data to obtain related data. For example, I merged Rental with Payment data to obtain revenue of each rental.
  • Using CASE WHEN to add a conditional field/column of late status.

After that, export all of these files into CSV format then connect them with Power BI.


  1. Not all of our popular movies generate profits for us. Therefore, we need to change our pricing strategy. We can increase the rental price of those films.
  2. For our unpopular movies, we need to consider liquidating them through a clearance sale.
  3. For slightly popular movies (Not Profitable), we need to promote them aggressively or bundle them with the popular movies.
  4. It turns out that we have 45.31% late rentals, which means many customers don’t aware of on-time return. It’s better to implement late fee policy and reward system for customers who consistently return movies on time.

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