GPA Calculator in Excel - Personal Project (2020)

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GPA Calculator in Excel - Personal Project (2020)

Dikky's GPA Calculator

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I have designed my GPA Calculator to fit the context of Higher Institutions in Nigeria. It's an Excel spreadsheet that is very EASY to use. All you need to do is to enter ONLY your COURSES, CREDIT LOAD, CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT (TEST/ASSIGNMENT) SCORES, and EXAM SCORE.


Dikky's GPA Calculator will take care of the rest!

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It gives you your grade, GPA per semester, GPA for each year, and your overall CGPA; including your progressive CLASS OF DEGREE till the end of your undergraduate programme.



It has some special features to help reduce data entry errors. For example; you can't enter a score of more than 15 for each continuous assessment (CA), and you can’t enter an exam score of more than 70.

It also automatically colours your grades (e. g; A is green, B is light green, C is blue, D is yellow, E is orange and F is red). This helps you to visually observe your performance by the colour indicators. If you have yellows and reds, then it means you have to sit up. If you have blues and greens, it means you are doing great.

It also has a performance analytics sheet where you can view your academic performance summarized in a simple Data Visualization Dashboard.


Dikky's GPA Calculator helps to constantly keep track of academic performance so you can know when to keep it up, or sit up and put in more effort. It can also serve as a "personal transcript".

It's actually for sale and I employed spreadsheet protection features to lock every cell apart from where data entry is needed, so it can't be copied and formulas can't be tampered with or viewed. It can also be printed with a single click of a macro button.


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