Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) KPI Dashboard

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Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) KPI Dashboard

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Business Case: As an Analytics Consultant for Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the objective was to create a high-level KPI dashboard to provide the executive team with insights into the hospital's recent performance. The key focus areas included patient admissions, average hospital stay duration, visit costs, and insurance coverage. The dashboard aimed to enhance decision-making by offering a comprehensive overview of hospital operations and patient demographics.

Key Insights:

Patient Admissions Trends: The dashboard revealed fluctuations in patient admissions and readmissions over time, showing peak periods and potential capacity challenges.

Average Length of Stay: Analysis showed that the average length of stay varied across different departments and encounter types, indicating areas for potential efficiency improvements.

Cost Analysis: The average cost per visit was calculated, with insights into the most expensive procedures and the proportion of costs covered by insurance.

Demographic Distribution: Visualizations of patient demographics (age, gender, race) provided insights into the patient population, aiding in targeted healthcare services.


Improved Decision-Making: The executive team gained a clearer understanding of hospital performance, leading to more informed strategic decisions.

Operational Efficiency: Identified areas for reducing patient stay duration and optimizing resource allocation.

Financial Planning: Insights into cost distribution and insurance coverage supported better financial planning and budgeting.

Enhanced Patient Care: Demographic insights enabled more tailored healthcare services, improving patient satisfaction and outcomes.

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