Maven Hospital: Insights and Key Findings

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Maven Hospital: Insights and Key Findings

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Summary of Key Findings:

High Readmission Rate: The readmission rate stands at 87.68%, highlighting a significant area for potential improvements in patient care and follow-up procedures.

Low Insurance Coverage: Only 23% of procedures are covered by insurance, indicating that a substantial portion of patients are bearing the cost out-of-pocket.

Cost Disparities: There are significant variations in costs per visit based on gender, race, and age group. Notably, Black and Native patients, as well as older age groups, face the highest costs.

Monthly Variability: Both costs and lengths of stay show monthly fluctuations, suggesting the influence of seasonal or operational factors on these metrics.

Prevalent Conditions and Expensive Procedures: Common health conditions and high-cost procedures have been identified, providing key areas for resource allocation and cost management.


These insights offer MGH opportunities to optimize healthcare delivery, improve insurance coverage strategies, and address disparities. Focusing on these areas can enhance overall patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

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