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HR Analytics Dashboard Report


The HR Analytics Dashboard was designed to provide comprehensive insights into workforce metrics, enabling data-driven decision-making to enhance employee retention and performance. This report summarizes the key learnings from the dashboard creation process and highlights the primary findings derived from the analysis.

Key Learnings

  1. Text in DAX Using & Operator:
    • Utilizing the & operator in DAX to concatenate text strings has proven essential in creating dynamic and informative labels, enhancing the readability and contextual understanding of data points.
  2. Color Coding:
    • Implementing a strategic color-coding scheme has significantly improved the visual appeal and clarity of the dashboard. This approach helps in quickly distinguishing between different data sets and highlighting critical information.
  3. Filters in Charts:
    • Applying filters to charts ensures that only essential and relevant data is displayed. This not only declutters the visual representation but also allows users to focus on specific insights pertinent to their needs.
  4. Utilizing Appropriate Charts:
    • Selecting the right type of charts to present data effectively is crucial. The dashboard employs various chart types tailored to showcase data accurately and intuitively, ensuring the right information is conveyed in the right manner.
  5. Useful Extensions and Websites:
    • Leveraging extensions and websites such as "Color Picker for Chrome" and "Flaticon" has enhanced the overall dashboard view. These tools provide additional customization options, contributing to a more professional and user-friendly interface.

Key Findings

  1. Attrition by Age Group:
    • The highest attrition occurs in the age group of 26-35, with a count of 116 employees. The lowest attrition is in the 55+ age group, with a count of 8 employees.
  2. Attrition by Education Field:
    • The life sciences education field experiences the highest attrition rate at 37.55%, while the human resources field has the lowest attrition rate at 2.95%.
  3. Attrition by Tenure:
    • Most attrition happens after five years of working, indicating potential issues related to long-term employee engagement and satisfaction.
  4. Average Salary:
    • The average salary of employees is $6.50K, which provides a baseline for compensation analysis and benchmarking.
  5. Average Tenure:
    • Employees have an average tenure of 7 years at the company, reflecting on workforce stability and potential areas for retention strategies.
  6. Average Age:
    • The average age of employees is 37 years, offering insights into the demographic distribution of the workforce.


The HR Analytics Dashboard has proven to be a valuable tool in understanding and addressing workforce dynamics. The key learnings highlight the importance of effective visualization techniques and the use of supplementary tools to enhance dashboard functionality. The key findings provide actionable insights into attrition trends, salary benchmarks, and workforce demographics, guiding strategic HR initiatives to foster a more engaged and stable workforce.

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