Restaurant Insights Exploratory Dashboard

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Restaurant Insights Exploratory Dashboard

Restaurant Insights Exploratory Dashboard

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Restaurant Insights

the Objectives from this project are

1- Manipulate the dataset using SQL

2- Data Exploratory and Finding new patterns

3- Present the important insights through Power BI visualization


the dashboard provide insights about the restaurant during the period between Jan2023 to March2023, Helping the owner to see the insights about the restaurant to take decisions regarding to increase the sales and make the restaurant always unique by investing on what people like more.


  1. the most Popular Dishes in the restaurant is Italian then Asian
  2. the meal in Italian food is Spaghetti & Meat
  3. in Asian Edamame dish
  4. The most popular Hours in the evening
  5. The best Month in sales is March2023

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Amira Mohamed Abdelsalam
Amira Mohamed Abdelsalam
Project owner
28 days ago
Project owner
this is my first project on maven analytics platform, however this project consider as entry level for applying analytics skills but I feel happy to do it to refresh my skills in SQL and to play with Power BI visuals (: the next step it will be upgrade my level of practice and choose hard cases to make my analytics skills more strong. see me soon Amira Abdelsalam
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