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National Rail BI Dashboard

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šŸŽÆ My Mission: I was tasked with creating an exploratory dashboard to assist my manager in:

  • šŸŒ Identifying the most popular routes
  • šŸ•’ Determining peak travel times
  • šŸ’° Analyzing revenue from different ticket types & classes
  • šŸš‰ Diagnosing on-time performance and contributing factors

šŸ“Š Dashboard Overview: I I developed a multi-page dashboard featuring comprehensive analyses:

Executive Summary

  • Month-over-Month (MOM) for Number of Passengers, Revenue, On-Time Rate, and Cancellation Rate
  • Top 7 Most Popular Routes with On-Time Rates
  • Peak Time Analysis of Passenger Volume
  • Revenue Contributions for Each Passenger Group

Route Analysis

  • Daily Frequency
  • Route Durations in Minutes
  • Top 15 Routes with On-Time Rates

Performance Analysis

  • Analysis of Delay Root Causes and Performance Impacts
  • Total Passengers Affected by Each Cause
  • Total Passengers Affected by Delay Duration

Revenue Analysis

  • Weekly Revenue & Week-over-Week (WoW) Growth
  • Ticket Type vs. Purchase Method Analysis
  • Class and Railcard Revenue Distribution Analysis

šŸ“ˆ KPI: I applied specific KPIs with monthly targets:

  • Number of Tickets Purchased: 8,000 tickets sold per month
  • Revenue: $180,000 per month
  • On-Time Rate: Achieving 85%
  • Cancellation Rate: Below 7%

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