RailView: National Train Insights Dashboard

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RailView: National Train Insights Dashboard

RailView: National Train Insights Dashboard

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Challenge Objective

For this challenge, I played the role of a BI developer for National Rail, a company that provides business services to passenger train operators in England, Scotland, and Wales.

As part of the task, I've been asked by my manager to create an exploratory dashboard that helps them:

  • Identify the most popular routes
  • Determine peak travel times
  • Analyze revenue from different ticket types & classes
  • Diagnose on-time performance and contributing factors

The Data Set:

The data contains mock train ticket sales for National Rail in the UK, from January to April 2024, including details on the type of ticket, the date & time for each journey, the departure & arrival stations, the ticket price, and more.


There was one single table of data, which was fairly clean and didn't call for too much transformation and/or cleaning. However, I decided to create a 'Routes' column, concatenating the 'Departure Station' and 'Arrival Station' columns.

I chose Tableau for this project, because I felt it would allow me to create an exploratory dashboard covering the four requirements outlined in the scope without overburdening the end user with too much information.

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