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Customer Churn Analysis

Power BI Dashboard

About this project

Primary goal was to find out churn of customer by each and every factors. Create Power BI dashboard to visualize factors affecting customer to leave.

Insights and solutions to enhance customer retention :

  1. Monthly Charges: Customers with monthly charges exceeding 60 face a 30% churn risk. Consider optimizing pricing plans within the 40-70 range to reduce churn.
  2. Contract Duration: Short-term contracts (month-to-month) exhibit the highest churn rate. Encourage longer commitments (1-year or 2-year) to stabilize customer retention.
  3. Tenure Matters: Customers in their first year (0-1 years) have a churn rate above 40%. Focus on retaining these early-stage customers through personalized engagement.
  4. Service Bundles: Single-service customers are more likely to leave. Promote bundled services to increase stickiness.
  5. Payment Methods: Electronic check payments correlate with higher churn. Encourage alternative payment methods.
  6. Tech Support: Lower tech tickets by addressing service quality promptly. Consider proactive customer support.
  7. Loyalty Programs: Implement loyalty initiatives (e.g., points for streaming) to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  8. Yearly Discounts: Offer incentives for annual subscriptions to motivate long-term commitment.
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