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Coffee Shop Sales Analysis || Excel

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This project involves the creation of a dynamic dashboard for Maven Roasters, a coffee shop chain with three locations in New York City. The goal of this project is to better understand customer purchase behavior and streamline operations by analyzing transactional data collected from January to June 2023.


The primary objective of this analysis is to gain a deep understanding of the sales performance of the coffee shop. Specifically, the analysis aims to:

  1. Identify revenue trends over a six-month period.
  2. Understand customer purchasing behavior by examining transactions by day of the week and hour.
  3. Analyze the distribution of transactions across different product categories.
  4. Highlight the top-performing products to inform inventory and marketing strategies.


Data Analysis and Findings

Total Revenue by Month

Analysis of total monthly revenue reveals an upward trend from January to June, with June having the highest revenue at $166,485.88.

Transactions by Day of Week

Transactions are relatively consistent throughout the week, with slight variations. The highest number of transactions occur on Saturdays.

Developing strategies to increase transactions on Sundays, such as special weekend-only promotions, family discounts, or events that can draw more customers.

Transactions by Hour

Peak transaction hours are between 8 AM and 3 PM, indicating the busiest times for the coffee shop.

Transactions by Product Category

The highest transaction volume is for coffee, followed by tea and bakery items.

The 'Flavours' category has a significant number of transactions as well.

Top 15 Products by Transactions and Revenue

The top-selling product by transaction volume is Brewed Chai Tea, with 17,183 transactions.The highest revenue-generating product is Barista Espresso, generating $91,406.This insight can be leveraged for targeted marketing and promotional activities to further boost sales of these high-performing items.



This sales analysis provides valuable insights into the operational dynamics and customer preferences at the coffee shop. The steady increase in monthly revenue suggests effective business strategies and growing customer patronage. The detailed breakdown of transactions by product category and specific top-performing products offers a clear direction for inventory management and targeted marketing efforts. By understanding peak transaction times and popular product choices, the coffee shop can optimize its operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

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