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Maven Tech CRM Manager's Dashboard

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Business Task

As a BI Developer at Maven Tech, a computer hardware company, I’ve been tasked with creating an interactive dashboard that enables sales managers to track their team's quarterly performance. They've been using a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to track their sales opportunities but have no visibility of the data outside of the platform. The new platform will enable us to become a data-driven organization.

The goal is to create an intuitive yet informative dashboard that is easy for the non-data savvy managers to use.

About the Data

The data contains B2B sales opportunities from a CRM database including information on accounts, products, sales teams, and sales opportunities.

The data contains 4 tables consisting of 18 fields and 8800 records in csv format.

The Deal Pipeline stages consist of Prospecting > Engaging > Won / Lost

About the Platform

The platform consists of two dashboards: a Manager dashboard and an Accounts dashboard.

The Manager dashboard has sales and team metrics at a glance. Managers can view their team performance as a whole as well as individual sales agent and deal pipeline metrics. They can see full year and quarterly performance. The dashboard gives them a quick overview and they can get more detail hovering and by selecting various charts.

The Account dashboards contains account information which can be broken down by manager and quarter. Various filters can be used to quickly find the account information the managers need.

Final Thoughts:

This project was challenging because I tried to incorporate many of the techniques from the Maven Advanced Tableau Desktop course that I've been taking. Practicing these concepts in the project really helped me solidify what I had learned but wasn't too sure if I had a strong grasp on.

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