Locating a new Mexican Restaurant [Finalist]

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Locating a new Mexican Restaurant [Finalist]

Mexico Restaurants

About this project


For this challenge, I opted to try myself out with Tableau. The brief was to:

  1. Assume the role of a Lead Analyst that scopes out new restaurant opportunities abroad
  2. Review and analyse the data provided for interesting patterns and trends
  3. Develop a single page visual that gives potential investors a good understanding of the market to guide them in making investment decisions
  4. Post your final proposal on LinkedIn for review by Maven and fellow challengers

My Plan

As the final product was going to be a single page (jpg) being viewed on LinkedIn, it made sense to keep the visual:

  • Simple and clean with a consistent palette
  • Structured and flowing, telling a progressive story
  • Clear in terms of visibility of graphics and legibility of any text

I landed on asking three simple questions:

Who? – who were the key demographic to target in terms of age and smoking/drinking habits

Where? – which city or location had the highest ratio of consumers to restaurants

What? – what kind of cuisine should a restaurant serve based on popularity and levels of current availability

I have added the original jpg file as well as a link to the Tableau public file.

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