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Super Store Sales Analysis

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This project, titled “Store Data Analysis,” is a comprehensive exploration of Ashka Store’s online sales data across India for a period of one year. Various key metrics were calculated and analyzed, including customer numbers, revenue, profit, average revenue per city, and quantity.

The project utilized field value parameters to identify trends in revenue, profit, and quantity orders by month, week, and day. A detailed breakdown of profit by state was conducted, along with a comparative analysis of revenue versus profit by customer.

The project also identified the top 10 sub-categories by profit and provided a revenue breakdown. It explored preferred payment methods and performed a category breakdown.

To enhance the visual representation of the data, a color scale was used to create a shape map. Additionally, a custom shape map was built using a TopoJSON file for custom mapping.

The resulting dashboard serves as a powerful tool for the store’s leads to make informed business decisions. The insights derived from this analysis can help optimize sales strategies, identify profitable categories, and understand customer preferences.

This project demonstrates the power of data analysis in driving business success. It underscores the importance of using tools like Power BI, MS Excel, and Oracle to transform raw data into actionable insights.

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