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Great American Coffee Taste test

Great American Coffee Taste Test

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The "Great American Coffee Test" project was initiated as a submission for the Maven Coffee Taste Test data challenge , but unfortunately, I missed the submission deadline due to unforeseen circumstances (Life will Life on you. 😉 ). Nonetheless, we adapted our strategy to develop a Power BI dashboard that empowers users to interactively explore and dissect the dataset according to their needs, allowing the data to narrate its own story.

Key Features:

  • In my Power BI project, I focused on enhancing the user experience through thoughtful theming and intuitive navigation. I chose a color scheme and visual elements that matched a coffee brand identity, making the dashboard not only informative but also visually cohesive.
  • Interactive elements such as pie chart segments and bar charts enable users to examine how different selections influence related data points.
  • Enhanced tooltips on most charts display pertinent data like survey amounts and counts for deeper insight.

Technological Stack:

  • Utilized the Power BI February 2024 Version for data visualization and analytics.

  • Employed Figma for designing and adding vibrant colors to the dashboard.

  • Implemented Light Dax for calculating totals, surveys, and counts.

  • Photoshop and Kittl were instrumental in creating logos and screenshots for a polished presentation.

Our analysis of the "Great American Coffee Test" Power BI dashboard has yielded the following insights:

  • The data encompasses 4,042 completed surveys.
  • Among respondents, 2,524 are male and 853 are female.
  • To analyze spending habits, we've utilized the lower end of both coffee and equipment spending ranges for calculations, providing a clearer view of expenditure patterns.

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