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Super Tuesday 2024

Power BI: Super Tuesday 2024

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Objective: This Power BI dashboard provides an insightful and interactive analysis of the Super Tuesday 2024 outcomes. It zeroes in on crucial metrics such as total vote counts, delegate distributions, individual candidate performances, and the political landscape across states, enriched with detailed tooltips for a deeper understanding.

Key Comparisons: The dashboard offers detailed comparisons of vote and delegate counts for Joe Biden and Donald Trump against their party contenders, illuminating the competitive landscape.

Tools Utilized:

  • Power BI: Chosen for its dynamic visualization capabilities and comprehensive data analysis.
  • Ballotpedia for Super Tuesday Primary 2024: (Explore here) Acts as the primary data source, providing current information on candidates and election outcomes.
  • Airtable: Selected for CMS and managing smaller data sets. It is instrumental in integrating frequent updates from Ballotpedia, ensuring data remains current.
  • Chat GPT 4: Revolutionizes the extraction and interpretation of raw data, converting it into organized tables for better maintenance and Airtable integration.

Sources and Data: Primarily sourced from Ballotpedia, this dashboard encompasses comprehensive information on Super Tuesday candidates and results, state governors, and the political trifecta status by state.

Data source link https://ballotpedia.org/Presidential_election,_2024 and Chat GPT 4

Top Insights:

  • Joe Biden and Donald Trump are highlighted as the leading candidates in their respective parties.
  • An intriguing find in Vermont shows Nikki Haley outperforming others in votes, marking it as the only state where Donald Trump does not lead.
  • In American Samoa, Jason Palmer takes the lead with 51 votes, making it the sole territory where Joe Biden does not win.
  • The dashboard identifies states with a unanimous political inclination, with Alaska leaning Republican and American Samoa and Iowa favoring Democrats.

Overview: With Power BI's ongoing updates, the intention behind this dashboard was to dive into the data surrounding the presidential elections, avoiding the biases often found in news coverage. The result is a thorough, research-based analysis of the electoral process and its outcomes.

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