How does Bachelor George drink his coffe?

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How does Bachelor George drink his coffe?

Meet the Marketing Persona "Bachelor George"

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For the Maven Coffee Challenge, I was hired by a group of investors looking to break into the US coffee market. They would like to leverage insights from "The Great American Coffee Taste Test", but lack the analytical skills to do so. That's where I come in!

So I am sharing a explanatory report providing information on their perfect customer "Bachelor George".

I really focused on some basic questions like:

  • Where does he drink his coffee?
  • How much coffee does he drink?
  • What is his favorite coffee drink?
  • What's he adding to his coffee?
  • Which roast does he like?
  • How much moeny is he willing to spend?
  • How could the shop concept look like?

The data transformation was done according to the awesome guidance of Enrique. So I used the advantage of unpivoting the data for the Multiselect question which made a real fast analysis possible.

George is a perfect fit for a persona because out of ~4011 persons 1013 are represented by him. So you can say the survey audience is prett biased. Which I took as an advantage. And he has clear preferences which is aligned with the target to use the data for finding an target audience for opening a new store concept. So here it is. Ma Marketing Persona "Bachelor George". I hope you like him ;-)

Any feedback and discussion is welcome.

Best, Jasmin

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