dbt™ Data Modeling Challenge 2024

Tools used in this project
dbt™ Data Modeling Challenge 2024

About this project

A blog post outlining my findings and providing more background on my process can be found here.

This project dives into the analysis and visualization of NBA statistics in order to highlight interesting insights and trends over time. Full details of the challenge can be found here.

Tools Used

  • Paradime for SQL, dbt™
  • Snowflake for data storage and computing
  • Tableau Public and Datawrapper for data visualization
  • GitHub

Final submission can be found here


This project successfully extracts significant insights from NBA data, such as:

  • The team with the highest regular season winning percentage doesn't typically win the league championship
  • Top players in their prime like Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain dominated the league for several seasons in a row in terms of scoring
  • Dynasty teams like the Celtics and Lakers often had the most members of the NBA Greatest 75 Team
  • Spending the most money does not guarantee you a championship
  • ...but keep the hope, Knicks fans. If you are a bad team, there is always a chance for a miraculous single sesaon turnaround that can take you straight to the top

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