Weekend Dominance: Understanding Roasters Coffee Sale Patterns

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Weekend Dominance: Understanding Roasters Coffee Sale Patterns

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  • How have Maven Roasters sales trended over time?
  • Which days of the week are busiest, and why do you think that's the case?
  • Which products are sold most and least often? Which drives the most revenue for the business?


The interactive dashboard presents a comprehensive overview of Roasters Coffee Sales data for the past 6 months. It delves into the total revenue generated across multiple outlets, highlighting their collective role in driving an upward trend, especially noticeable in the last 3 months. Dive deeper into the analytics by hovering over visuals or exploring specific details using the dropdown menus.

At the onset of the analysis, I began with a set of initial objectives. However, as I delved deeper into the data, I spent several hours uncovering insights to explore the sales trends of the Roasters Coffee shop thoroughly for six months. Fortunately, minimal data cleaning was needed, with just a bit of tweaking required for column formats, and there were no missing values in the dataset. This allowed for a seamless and detailed examination of the data, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the coffee shop's sales patterns.

I began with a univariate analysis focusing on key attributes, particularly those related to the total revenue generated and the total number of transactions. This analysis highlighted the mainstay items in the cafe's offerings, showing the average product price at $3.38. Despite this average, point-to-point variations over the six months resulted in a significant 103.83% increase in revenue for the cafe.

Next, I utilized DAX queries to visualize the total revenue share by store location, followed by category-wise sales. Notably, coffee category products emerged as the top sellers, showing an interesting trend with an 88.59% increase in the last 3 months. It was also observed that most sales, around 75%, occurred during weekends compared to weekdays. Throughout the 6 months, there were fluctuations in sales, dropping to as low as 3k and peaking at 55.3k in March before a steep incline. The highest revenue was recorded in the last month, reaching approximately 166k.

Key Insights:

  • Overall Revenue Trend: Total Revenue showed a significant 103.83% increase from January 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023. This upward trend was evident throughout the entire 6-month period.
  • Steepest Revenue Increase: The steepest incline in Total Revenue occurred between March 5, 2023, and May 24, 2023, when it jumped from $2,945 to $5,391.
  • Revenue Range: Total Revenue ranged from $76,145 to $166,486 across all 6 months, with June recording the highest revenue at $166,486.
  • Sales Patterns: Weekend sales were prominent, accounting for around 75% of total sales compared to weekdays.
  • Product Category Insights: Coffee category products emerged as top sellers, experiencing an 88.59% increase in the last 3 months, indicating a strong preference among customers.


I've created custom backgrounds for both light and dark themes using Figma. The colors I used took from multiple coffee themes, not all but some variations were used best representing the coffee café theme. This selected color palette is consistently applied across all visualizations.


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Branislav Poljasevic
Branislav Poljasevic
about 2 months ago
Looks really polished Usman. I love the design and the color palette here, but more importantly, a big shout-out to strategically placing the main KPIs. Good stuff!
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