Power BI Tips and Tricks - Vol. 4

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Power BI Tips and Tricks - Vol. 4

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This guide can be considered a follow up of the Power BI Tips and Tricks part.3 guide where I explained in detail how to develop a Power BI enterprise scalable solution, leveraging Dataflows, DataMart, Deployment pipeline and Power Query online.

This time I explain how to leverage Fabric items to develop a scalable solution.

Particularly this guide focuses on:

  • Dataflows Gen-2 and their data destination (the Lakehouse), making them suitable for transforming large datasets.
  • The possibility of using Spark Notebooks for quick exploratory data analysis and visualization within a Lakehouse.
  • Again using the Notebooks, combined with Data Pipelines, to integrate Python and SQL, on top of Power Query, within ETL flows.
  • Report development using Direct Lake, when dealing with big data.
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Chris Dutton
Chris Dutton
5 months ago
Such a clever use of Power BI, and a great resource as well – nice work Stefano!
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