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CV based on LinkedIn Data

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CV in a dashboard Style. Adapted by the idea of Alexnader Korn (HICO Group). Thx a lot for sharing this great idea!

Blog Post from Alexander:


I took the template from Alexander and adapted it to my needs or developed it further in some points. This will be a great basis to show my skillset to other people.

And it was also a great opportunity to analyse my LinkedIn performance. :)

I hope you enjoy the result.

Best, Jasmin

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Discussion and feedback(2 comments)
Branislav Poljasevic
Branislav Poljasevic
5 months ago
For some reason, I love dashboard CVs :) Looks great! Here's one bite for thought - think about the most valuable place on the dashboard and what other content could you show there, or rearrange the existing one a bit.
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