The Brick Revolution: Explore Lego Set from the Last 5 Decades

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The Brick Revolution: Explore Lego Set from the Last 5 Decades

The Brick Revolution: Explore Lego Set from the Last 5 Decades

About this project


  • To understand the Lego Company's product strategy, marketing focus, and manufacturing capabilities
  • Keeping thing short and simple, tidy and well structured
  • Only presents the most interesting and significant insights.
  • Create an appealing design for audience to enjoy the report.

The Process

I began by thoroughly examining the data dictionary and formulating a set of questions. After brainstorming these questions on paper, I delved into the data by reviewing various tables. As I gained a preliminary understanding of the data, I realized the need to aggregate certain columns to enhance information presentation. For instance, I converted individual years into decades and redefined the classification of minifigures from "number included" to "included/not included." To address these needs, I wrote DAX queries.

Subsequently, I reorganized the data into three main categories: Age, Theme, and Pricing. Upon reflection, I refined the initial set of questions, focusing only on the most pertinent findings. Next, I outlined the structure of the report, allocating one page to each category along with an overview page for general information.

I then created visualizations, which led to further discoveries and insights. After generating the charts, I proceeded to write insights for each visual representation. Seeking feedback from peers, I revised certain layout settings and redesigned the LEGO set browser.

Finally, I fine-tuned the placement of charts and paragraphs, ensuring the functionality of all buttons, and meticulously reviewed the entire report for accuracy and coherence.

Streamlined Questions


  • How many years of data is included in this data set?
  • How many sets have been released?
  • How many categories and theme groups?
  • What are the most significant set that worth mentioning?

Trends over years

  • Is the Lego Company releasing more or less lego set?
  • Are Lego sets becoming more numerous in pieces or more streamlined?
  • Is there changes in min age required?
  • Cosumer preference might change over years, is the Lego Company catching up the fashion or are they staying classic? Any patterns?
  • Is lego pricing up like inflation does over years?


  • What theme groups is Lego releasing most set? Would that be licensed products?
  • What age group is Lego targeting? Why?


  • Is lego for adults priced higher for their potentially higher buying power?
  • is bigger set priced higher?

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