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When your parents were kids, they had about 40 new LEGO sets to choose from each year. You had around 150, and your child has over 500 - that's a brief summary of the last 5 decades of the development of the LEGO brand.

From a small family producing wooden blocks, LEGO has transformed into one of the most recognizable brands in the world. It collaborates with entertainment industry giants, such as Disney. But LEGO is now not just bricks - it also includes gadgets, set expansions, movies, books, and Legoland theme parks. However, even as LEGO's offering has become richer and more diverse, the bricks remain at the heart of the brand that promotes play, creativity and collaboration.

It is worth adding that LEGO also focuses on education and offers bricks for people of all ages. Their educational sets develop creativity and logical thinking. Thanks to its versatility, LEGO has also become a platform for building communities. Virtual LEGO communities, like LEGO Ideas, allow fans to share their ideas for new sets that can be officially produced by the company.

Bubble Plot - The Heart of the Infographic

My goal was for the main element of the infographic to be like LEGO bricks - individual components that are nothing special on their own, but together they create an amazing whole.

Products have been divided into 5 categories:

  1. Normal & Collection,
  2. Book,
  3. Gear,
  4. Extended,
  5. Other (+Random).

Additionally, the chart has been supplemented with information about the introduction of the first sets from the most popular themes and the total number of new products in a given year. This additional context allows you to better understand the development and diversity of the LEGO offering over the years.undefined


My favorite fun fact about LEGO is that in 2012, LEGO was entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the largest tire manufacturer in the world. However, when creating my project, I tried to select fun fact that could be found in the provided dataset.



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Discussion and feedback(4 comments)
Enrique Ruiz
Enrique Ruiz
21 days ago
Love the featured image!

Naresh Rajasekaran
Naresh Rajasekaran
21 days ago
Amazing visual and very clear. Can you share more info on how this visual was created and the tools that were used.

Gerard Duggan
Gerard Duggan
18 days ago
Great work, I'm a big fan of reports centred around a main visual
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