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The LEGO Minifig Legacy

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The LEGO Minifig Legacy

Using Excel and Tableau, I created a dashboard exploring the history and evolution of LEGO sets from the past 5 decades, from 1970 to 2022, focusing on the Minifig legacy.

Data Source: CSV file Provided by Brickset (brickset.com) on Maven Analytics (https://mavenanalytics.io/challenges/maven-lego-challenge/29) Public Domain license last updated on 01/03/2024. Dataset includes LEGO sets released from 1970 to 2022, including details on each set's theme, pieces, recommended age, retail price, and image.

Additional Info Provided: PDF document (https://www.lego.com/cdn/cs/legal/assets/blt1a4c9a959ce8e1cb/LEGO_Fairplay_Nov2018.pdf) containing information about LEGO products and history of LEGO Group.

For this challenge, I started by exploring, formatting, and making sure the data was clean. Through a few test formulas and calculations in Excel, I decided it would be fun to focus my project on the LEGO Minifigs. I decided to keep it simple and straight forward and create a unique visual using Tableau.

I dove into answering a few questions and found the following results:

1. How has the number of sets and minifigs changed over time?

Total number of LEGO sets released over 53 years, from 1970-2022: LEGO saw a steady increase, with two significant drops in releases.

2. What theme groups have the highest number of minifigs?

Licensed Minifigs make up the most releases from 1970-2022 with a total of 5,952 Minifigs. Total number of Licensed Minifigs released increased over time since 1999, when LEGO first introduced licensed products. 2021 had the most releases with 570 Minifigs.

3. What themes have the highest number of minifigs?

The Star Wars theme tops the charts with 2,108 Minifigs, the most Minifigs released from 1970-2022. 2016 had the most releases with 167 Minifigs.

4. What subtheme groups have the highest number of minifigs?

The Clone Wars subtheme has the most releases with 242 Minifigs. Total number of The Clone Wars Minifigs released significantly increased in 2009 with 60 Minifigs, one year after The Clone Wars movie was released in theaters.

5. Did any of the LEGO movies have any effect on number of sets released and number of minifigs?

Evidence shows that the total number of Star Wars Minifigs released increases with each Star Wars movie released in theaters. Total number of Minifigs increased around the time licensed sets were introduced and saw an even higher increase when LEGO hit the movie theaters.

View the interactive dashboard on my Tableau Public profile with the following link: https://public.tableau.com/views/TheLEGOMinifigLegacy1970-2022/TheLEGOMinifigLegacy?:language=en-US&publish=yes&:display_count=n&:origin=viz_share_link

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Luis Alberto Méndez Jiménez
Luis Alberto Méndez Jiménez
5 months ago
great design, great colors, beautifull dashboard
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