TELECOM: Customer Churn Analysis

TELECOM: Customer Churn Analysis

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Key Findings:

1. Valuable Customers:

  • Who they are:
    • Some customers are really important for our business because they bring in a lot of revenue.
  • What they like:
    • These important customers usually stick around for a while, choose premium services, and use our services a lot.

2. Risk of Losing Customers:

  • Signs to Watch Out For:
    • We identified signs that tell us a customer might leave soon, like having a short contract, recent complaints, or changes in usage.
  • What We Looked Into:
    • Explored if certain customer groups or locations are more likely to leave, helping us focus our efforts where it matters.

3. How We Can Keep Them:

  • For Important Customers:
    • We suggest special offers, loyalty programs, and top-notch service to keep our valuable customers happy.
  • Avoiding Customers Leaving:
    • For those showing signs of leaving, we recommend things like service upgrades, solving complaints, and communicating better to change their minds.

What This Means:

By using these insights and recommendations, Maven can keep our important customers and prevent others from leaving. This should make our customers happier, keep the business running smoothly, and, in the end, make everyone's experience better.

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Lenora Ejimofor
Lenora Ejimofor
Project owner
6 months ago
Project owner
This is my favourite dashboard yet. Please let me know what you think.
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