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This documentation states the steps I took to analyse the evolution of LEGO sets over the past 50 years using a combination of Microsoft Excel and Power BI. The analysis focuses on understanding the growth of LEGO as a company, exploring themes, and examining pricing trends.

  1. Data Collection (Maven):

    • I downloaded data from the Maven site about LEGO sets, including set names, release years, themes, prices, and relevant details.
  2. Data Cleaning and Preprocessing (Excel):

    • Addressed missing values, inconsistencies, and outliers in the dataset.
    • Structured the data for easy integration into Power BI.
  3. Import datasets into Power BI:

    • Utilised Power BI to import the cleaned and processed data from Excel.
    • Verified data integrity and consistency during the import process.
  4. Data modelling (Power BI):

    • Established relationships between different tables (e.g., sets, themes) for cohesive analysis.
    • Defined calculated columns and measures to derive additional insights.
  5. Creating Visualizations (Power BI):

    • Leveraged Power BI visualization tools to create interactive charts and graphs.
    • Implemented line charts, bar charts, and stacked area charts to represent growth trends effectively.
  6. Theme Analysis (Power BI):

    • Explored the evolution of LEGO themes over time.
    • Created visualizations showcasing the growth in the number of themes, changes in popularity, and variations in set counts.
  7. Pricing Analysis (Power BI):

    • Examined pricing trends over the years using visualisations such as average prices, price ranges, and other relevant metrics.
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