Advanced SQL Series - Solving Real World Data Problems with SQL

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Advanced SQL Series - Solving Real World Data Problems with SQL

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In my pursuit of advancing my SQL skills, I embarked on an exciting and challenging journey with the intermediate, project-based course led by Jess Ramos. This course wasn't just about learning SQL; it was about applying it to solve real business problems, mirroring scenarios faced by modern tech companies.

My Experience & Growth:

Throughout this course, I tackled eleven business-focused coding challenges, each designed to simulate a real-world problem. These challenges were not just exercises in coding but also in critical thinking and strategy. The course allowed me to explore and practice:

Analyzing product performance using Common Table Expressions (CTEs). Data transformation and decision-making logic with the CASE statement. Integrating multiple data streams with UNION for comprehensive analysis. Navigating hierarchical data structures through self-joins. Addressing complex queries with advanced window functions. Each challenge sharpened my SQL programming skills and deepened my understanding of its practical applications in a business context.

Click here to view the business problems and their respective solution.


This piece is a collection of my work and solutions from the course. It demonstrates my approach to solving each challenge, showcasing my ability to apply SQL techniques to analyze data, extract insights, and support business decisions.

As you explore, you'll see how I've applied SQL to address various aspects of business intelligence and data analysis, reflecting my growth as a problem-solver.

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