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SQL Challenges Series by STEELDATA

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Welcome to a series of SQL challenges curated by Steeldata. Check out their site here. Matt has masterfully crafted this amazing series to assist data enthusiasts in gaining practical experience. Participating in these challenges has significantly deepened my understanding of the subject matter and sharpened my SQL skills!


Every challenge in this series is crafted to present a distinctive scenario, encompassing a spectrum from straightforward to intricate data queries, all aimed at extracting pivotal insights. These challenges serve a dual purpose: they not only test your SQL prowess but are also meticulously designed to augment your skills, imparting a deeper understanding of data analysis through practical application. Catering to a diverse range of skill levels, from novices embarking on their SQL journey to seasoned professionals seeking to polish their expertise, these challenges provide an invaluable pathway to explore and master the nuances of SQL and data analytics.

Find below the list of challenges,

  1. Challenge 1 - Steve's Car Showroom
  2. Challenge 2 - Esports tournament
  3. Challenge 3 - Customer Insights
  4. Challenge 4 - Financial Analysis
  5. Challenge 5 - Pub Pricing Analysis
  6. Challenge 6 - Marketing Analysis
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