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Maven Communications - Customer Retention Insights

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Churn data for a fictional Telecommunications company that provides phone and internet services to 7,043 customers in California, and includes details about customer demographics, location, services, and current status.

Role played:

I have been hired as a BI consultant to help the company improve retention by identifying high-value customers and churn risks, and have been asked to present my findings to the CMO in the form of a single single-page report or dashboard.

Tools Used:

Alteryx for Data Analysis (Github)

Tableau for Data Visualization

Executive Summary (Insights & Analysis):

Maven Communications has a robust customer base with significant revenue. However, churn analysis reveals potential risks, especially within high-value customer segments. This report leverages insights from the metrics to recommend strategic actions for enhancing customer retention.

Churn Overview:

While we have a healthy number of customers joining, the churn rate, especially among high-value customers, is a concern. The total revenue impacted by churn suggests a need for immediate action. Geographical analysis indicates that San Diego is a churn hotspot, mainly due to competitive offers.

Overall Customer Base Analysis:

With a substantial customer base (7043 customers) and revenue ($21.37M), the company is performing well. A Significant number of customers have churned (1869 clients) leading to a notable revenue ($3.68M) loss. However, the majority of the customers are staying indicating revenue retention. New customers have joined in the last quarter, but the revenue is minimal.

High Value Customer Churn Analysis:

Of the 1,409 high-value customers, we've seen 196 churns, resulting in a revenue loss of $1.51M, which accounts for a substantial portion of revenue. The retention of high-value customers, however, has safeguarded $9.53M in revenue, emphasizing the importance of this segment.

Geographical Analysis:

"San Diego" has the highest Churn, and the primary reason is competitors offering better deals.

Key Drivers of Churn:

Several Churn drivers include the following,

  • Single customers tend to churn the most more than married ones.
  • Customers declining recent offers are more likely to churn.
  • The Senior citizens and Middle-Aged adults show higher churn rates.
  • Customers on month-to-month plans churn more than those on longer contracts.
  • Customers with fibre optic internet have higher churn.
  • Customers using “Bank Withdrawal” as payment mode are more likely to Churn.
  • Customers without dependents show higher churn.
  • Customers who opted out of Premium tech support, Online security, and online backup, show a high churn rate.

Retention Strategies:

  • Implement data-driven personalization in service offerings, particularly targeting single customers and those on month-to-month plans.
  • Launch a 'San Diego’ campaign to counteract competitive offers, including price matches and exclusive benefits to tackle competition.
  • Introduce a loyalty program that rewards tenure and revenue contribution to reduce churn among middle-aged and senior demographics.
  • Conduct a bi-annual analysis to realign service features and pricing structures, to avoid churn.
  • Upgrade the fibre optic network to reduce service-related churn.
  • Introduce a dedicated customer support team for high-value customers.

Action Plan and Recommendation:

Initiate and roll out a pilot program in San Diego, providing personalized offers and better price plans, focusing particularly on high-value clients. Based on how it works, implement the program in other regions.

Regularly review and adjust pricing and service packages based on customer feedback and market trends.


Implementing these strategies should lead to an improved retention rate, particularly among high-value customers. We must remain vigilant and responsive to both data trends and customer feedback to sustain and grow our customer base.

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