How to build a challenge dashboard: The Netherlands World Cup history

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How to build a challenge dashboard: The Netherlands World Cup history

Power BI dashboard for Maven World Cup challenge

About this project

The Objective

To participate in this challenge, your task is to choose a country to root for in the 2022 FIFA World Cup (it doesn't have to be your own!) and use data visualization to tell a single-page story of their history with the World Cup, their road to Qatar, and their expectations for this year's tournament Link to the challenge

The Data

This dataset contains 6 tables in CSV format

The Analysis

The analysis wasn't important for this dashboard. But for a simple presentation, the given tables needed to be changed. So in Power Query there was some work to do, see picture

The Visuals

I've chosen only 3 visuals, with added storytelling. I tried to get focus on the text. So I hope the first things you see are the bold white text blocks, the photo and the map and after that the column chart needs to give some more information As you can see in the building image, there are a lot of small text boxes to the visuals. For instance the ones with the country codes like NLD. I've tried to keep them all of the same size with the same outline vs the columns

The Key Insights

In this dashboards, key insights were not my goal. I wanted to show the road as simple as possible, I hope it is easy enough to understand. But in the end it shows that we only lost the first match in the qualifying period

The Design

I tried to deliver an infographic but that isn't easy. I found this photo of Louis van Gaal that gave me a positive feeling, together with the quote and the map of the Netherlands I started to build this dashboard Orange had to be dominant and as you can see I wanted to split the page into several parts. I started with a kind of horizontal flag but that wasn't it. In the end I placed white lines around the different parts to get more rest


Link to LinkedIn post

As usual, a lot of entries don't meet the project brief. I always try to answer the challenge questions. In this case, the questions are:

  • their history with the World Cup, -->bottum right (only Louis van Gaal)
  • their road to Qatar, --> the column chart
  • their expectations for this year's tournament --> the quote on top of the dashboard

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Discussion and feedback(2 comments)
Christopher Bruehl
Christopher Bruehl
over 1 year ago
Very nice dashboard! Deceptively complex and very cool to see you go for the infographic style. Van Gaal is a legend... I always root for Die Oranje as long as they're not playing team USA

Marjolein Opsteegh
Marjolein Opsteegh
Project owner
over 1 year ago
Project owner
:-) I would love to learn more about infographics style, it is very different. I'm in the middle of a course from Domestika, creative-data-visualization-for-beginners, problem is I want to l
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