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Python 3.7.9, jupyeter notebook 6.1.4, postgreSQL 11.10, pgAdmin 4.29, SQLAlchemy


The purpose of this project is to extract, transform, and load data about various movies from separate sources into a movies SQL database to make available for a hackathon. I used a jupyter notebook to explore data scraped from the sidebars of movies' wikipedia pages into a JSON file. I then performed similar cleaning tasks on a csv file of movie metadata from from MovieLens and merged the kaggle and wikipedia movies dataframes.

Wikipedia Data Cleaning

  • Load the JSON and create a function to clean the JSON that will:
    • Create list of movie objects from JSON
      • Filtering for entries that do not have a director
      • Filtering out entries that are tv shows instead of movies
    • Consolidate all key/values for alternate titles into one key (to later create a single column in a pandas dataframe)
    • Consolidate equivalent keys (ie 'Director' and 'director') into single key
  • Convert list of objects into pandas dataframe
  • Drop null values and duplicates
  • Convert dollar amounts expressed in text (ie $10 billion) to numeric data types
  • Converted dates expressed in various text formats to datetime data type
  • Convert the run time column from text to numerical data type for minutes

Kaggle Data Cleaning

The below image shows the code used to change datatypes in the kaggle dataset then merge the two dataframes:


Cleaning Merged Datasets

I cleaned the merged dataframes by consolidating data from similar columns and dropping redundant columns. Below is an image of code consolidating columns, including a list of redundant columns and choices for a resolution for redundant column in the comments.

I then created a dataframe of ratings fore each movie pulled from a csv file also compiled by MovieLens. This dataframe was merged into the existing dataframe of wiki and kaggle data.

Finally, I exported the merged movies_df and the ratings.csv to a SQL database for use in the hackathon. The code used to connect to the database and export each dataframe to a table in the database is shown below:

Additional project images

Cleaning dollars columns and converting to numeric datatype
Consilidating redundant columns in the merged dataset
Loading the cleaned and transformed datasets to PostgreSQL using SQL Alchemy
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