Housing Voucher Utilization Dashboard - Power BI

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Housing Voucher Utilization Dashboard - Power BI

Housing Voucher Utilization Dashboard

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All data in this report is sample data created by Katie Welch. No real world data is utilized.


I designed this dashboard as a template to show how a local community utilizes its allocation of housing vouchers for people experiencing homelessness. Due to limited resources, it is crucial that communities monitor their voucher utilization rates regularly to ensure they are making the most of the resources available and efficiently distributing to people in need.

The dashboard's home page includes a community-wide summary as well as the option to drill down and view the performance of individual agencies. Users can also filter by 3 categories (project type, whether or not its CARES funded, & funding type) for additional analysis.


While working as a Planning Data Analyst for Tarrant County Homeless Coalition, I created a similar dashboard for leadership and our community partners. In addition to designing the report, I compiled and updated the data on a monthly basis so that we could track progress overtime and continuously identify areas for improvement.

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