Learning Path

Python Specialist

This path is for BI Analysts or Data Scientists looking to master Python's most powerful tools for data analysis and visualization, including Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly and Dash.

Hours67.5 hours

About This Path

This path is for BI analysts or data scientists looking to build job-ready Python skills and master the most popular libraries for data analysis and visualization.

We'll start by mastering the core building blocks of Python for analytics, including data types, properties, and foundational tools like variables, numeric and string operators, conditional logic, loops and functions.

Next we'll dive into NumPy & Pandas, two of the most popular Python packages for data analysis. We'll introduce arrays and array properties, common operations like indexing, slicing, filtering and sorting, and powerful methods for exploring, analyzing, aggregating and transforming dataframes.

From there we'll explore data visualization methods using Matplotlib & Seaborn. We'll introduce data visualization frameworks and best practices, review tools and techniques for building and customizing basic charts, then explore advanced formatting options and custom visuals.

Last but not least we'll use Plotly & Dash to build and deploy interactive visuals, dashboards, and web applications.

Included Courses


  • Data Analysts or BI professionals looking to build expert-level Python skills
  • Aspiring data scientists who want to learn Python for data analysis and visualization
  • Anyone interested in learning one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and applying their skills to real-world projects and case studies


  • Jupyter Notebooks (free download, we'll walk through the install)
  • No advance preparation is required (basic familiarity with programming is a plus, but not a prerequisite)

Meet Your Instructors

Chris Bruehl

Chris is a Python expert, certified Statistical Business Analyst, and seasoned Data Scientist, having held senior-level roles at large insurance firms and financial service companies. He earned a Masters in Analytics at NC State's Institute for Advanced Analytics, where he founded the IAA Python Programming club.