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Excel Specialist

This path is for Excel users looking to ace the Microsoft MO-201 Exam and build a deep, expert-level skill set, including formulas, charts, PivotTables, Power Query and more

Hours88 hours

About This Path

This path is for Excel users looking to build a deep, expert-level skill set, including formulas, charts, PivotTables, Power Query, and more.

We'll start with a deep dive into some of Excel's core capabilities, including formulas, charts & graphs, and PivotTables. You'll learn how to explore and analyze raw data, build custom visuals and interactive reports, and quickly expose patterns and insights with user-friendly pivots.

From there we'll dive into more advanced tools like Power Query, Power Pivot & DAX, introduce advanced dashboard design principles, and explore tips and techniques to help you maximize your productivity.

Finally, we'll wrap up with an exam prep course to help you earn your official MO-201 Excel Expert certification from Microsoft.

Included Courses


  • Excel users who want to work more efficiently and develop expert-level analytics and data visualization skills
  • Analysts or business intelligence professionals looking to develop a deep and well-rounded Excel skill set
  • Excel users looking to ace the MO-201 exam and become a Microsoft Certified Expert


  • Microsoft Excel, ideally Excel 2019 or Office 365 for Windows/PC (some features and charts are unavailable in older versions)
  • Familiarity with basic Excel functionality is strongly recommended
  • NOTE: The MO-201 Exam specifically covers Excel 2019/Office 365

Meet Your Instructors

Enrique Ruiz

Enrique is a certified Microsoft Excel Expert and top-rated instructor with a background in business intelligence, data analysis and visualization. He has been producing advanced Excel and test prep courses since 2016, along with adaptations tailored to Spanish-speaking learners.

Chris Dutton

Chris is an EdTech entrepreneur and best-selling Data Analytics instructor. As Founder and Chief Product Officer at Maven Analytics, his work has been featured by USA Today, Business Insider, Entrepreneur and the New York Times, reaching more than 1,000,000 students around the world.