Lessons in Community Building from a Top Data Influencer

Lessons in Community Building from a Top Data Influencer

About the Show

We chat with data influencer and podcast host Ravit Jain about his experience launching and scaling “The Ravit Show”, his role as a professional “Community Evangelist”, and his advice for companies looking to hire analytics talent and build an effective data-driven workforce.

Top Insights

  1. When it comes to building an audience or brand, listen to what the community is asking for, find opportunities where you can add value, and focus on quality and consistency

  2. Building a data-driven culture requires buy-in at every level of the organization, clear short-term goals and objectives, and a focus on both data literacy and governance

  3. When companies hire for data analytics talent, soft skills (like communication and strategic thinking) and technical proficiency are equally valuable

  4. AI shouldn’t be perceived as a threat to Data Analyst jobs, but rather a skill set that modern analysts can master to become more efficient and effective in their roles