How to Organize Your Data Team: Lessons from Crunchbase

How to Organize Your Data Team: Lessons from Crunchbase

About the Show

Many of you might have heard of Jess Ramos. She is an empowering women in the field of analytics. She has built over 90,000 followers on LinkedIn, has a course on LinkedIn Learning and another on the way, and is currently a Senior Data Analyst at Crunchbase. Through our conversation, Jess shares a bunch of tips for anyone who is looking to build a strong analytics team, best practices and how you can apply these valuable insights into your own organization.

Top Insights

  1. Organizing the team around key business objectives is critical. Define the most important problems the company is trying to solve, and make sure you’re doing a good job prioritizing analytics activities that truly support those goals.

  2. Weekly sprint meetings can be an effective way for an Analytics team to align on priorities and make sure everyone is working on the right things.

  3. It’s easy to fall into the trap of presenting all of the data you have. But streamlining your presentations and dashboards to just KPIs and actionable metrics can help your stakeholders focus on what really matters.