How to Land (and Thrive) in Your First Data Role

How to Land (and Thrive) in Your First Data Role

About the Show

A data career is an amazing path. Once you’re inside, you have good job prospects, fun and challenging work, constant opportunities to learn, solid comp, and can often work from anywhere.

But it can be hard to break in. Today, in 2024, there seems to be more competition than ever for entry level roles. So how can you get started?

We’ll be sharing some of the best strategies, actionable advice, and personal anecdotes from two recent career transitioners, Annie Nelson and Ian Klosowicz, who have each inspired and helped countless others

You’ll leave with a concrete path to landing your first role, and succeeding on the job once you’re there.

What You'll Learn

  • The skills you should be focusing on and showcasing

  • Practical advice for networking, finding jobs, applying, and nailing the interview

  • Tips for using your first 90 days in role to set up your career trajectory