The Skills Every Data Analyst Needs

The Skills Every Data Analyst Needs

About the Show

To build a successful career in data, you need to focus on the right skills.

You need to focus on skills that will open doors, make you job-ready, help you attract employers, and put you on the right track toward growing your career. But where should you start?

In this live show, Matt Mike will give his thoughts on the most important skills you’ll need in your career, and will give you a roadmap for adding them to your tool kit and putting them on display to attract the right kind of attention.

You’ll leave this session with a solid understanding of which skills you should focus on first, how to tackle them, and with a plan to take action and make progress today.

What You'll Learn:

  • Which technical tools you should focus on to build a great data career

  • Why soft skills can be just as important and which ones matter the most

  • How you can build these skills, and put them on display to accelerate your career