The Future of AI in Data (w/ Alex The Analyst)

The Future of AI in Data (w/ Alex The Analyst)

About the Show

A lot of Data Analysts and Data Scientists are worried about how AI will impact their careers and the future of the industry.

Is AI coming for our jobs? Or is this just another example of new technology that can make us more effective?

In this live show, YouTube’s Alex The Analyst will walk you through the state of AI in data, some of the most interesting AI tools, and share his predictions about where this is all headed and what it means for the future of your data career.

You’ll leave this session with a much better understanding of the current state of AI, likely future trends, and how you should be thinking about AI and its impact on your career.

What You'll Learn

  • Which AI tools you should have on your radar

  • How AI is impacting the future of data careers

  • The best ways to keep your skills up to date as the industry evolves