5 Tips For Delivering An Effective Data Presentation

5 Tips For Delivering An Effective Data Presentation

About the Show

Being able to present your analysis and convince your teammates to take action is a huge part of the job for any Data Analyst or Data Scientist.

But for many of us, delivering effective presentations isn’t something that comes naturally. Fortunately, everyone (including you) can improve their communication skills if they know what to focus on.

In this session, we’ll be sharing some of the best strategies and actionable advice to help you capture your audience, tell a story with your data, and most importantly, drive impact for your organization.

You’ll leave with specific tips that you’ll be able to use immediately to take your presentation game to the next level.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why most presentations flop and how you can succeed

  • How to stop sharing data and start telling stories instead

  • The scientific approach to getting your audience to listen