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Self-Paced Course

Tableau Server for Analysts

Learn how to create, manage, publish, and share reports and dashboards using Tableau Server and Tableau Online.

Course Hours2 hours
Skills Learned
Data Prep
Data Analysis
Course Level

Course Description

This course is designed for Data Analysts or BI professionals looking to create, manage, publish and share workbooks using Tableau Server and Tableau Online.

We'll start by introducing Tableau Server and Online, reviewing the interface and content management structure, and exploring user roles and permissions.

From there we'll practice publishing workbooks and data sources to Tableau Server, and introduce powerful interaction tools like scheduled refresh, data-driven alerts, custom views, comments, and more.

Last but not least we'll review web authoring tools to create, edit, publish, and share new workbooks or data connections within the Tableau Server environment.

Throughout the course, you’ll play the role of a Sr. Tableau Developer for BankMaven, a prominent financial institution based in the United States. Using the skills you learn throughout the course, you'll help the BankMaven team publish workbooks, schedule data refreshes, create custom views, and deliver content to key users in the organization.

If you're a Data Analyst looking to add Tableau Server and Tableau Online to your skill set, this is the course for you.




  • Tableau Desktop users who want to learn Tableau Server & Online
  • Data Analysts looking to publish and share Tableau workbooks with other users
  • BI professionals who want to leverage advanced reporting tools like automated refresh, data-driven alerts, and custom views


  • We strongly recommend taking our Intro to Tableau Desktop course first
  • Tableau Desktop + Tableau Server or Tableau Online (14-day free trial)
  • Experience with analytics tools or BI platforms a plus, but not required

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