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Self-Paced Course

Intro to Google Sheets

Learn how to manage, analyze and visualize data with Google Sheets, and build practical data literacy skills by completing real-world assignments

Course Hours10 hours
Skills Learned
Data Analysis
Data Prep
Data Visualization
Google Sheets
Course Level

Course Description

In this course you’ll build the skills you need to manage, explore, analyze, and visualize data in Google Sheets, using real-world projects and datasets.

We’ll start by introducing the Sheets interface and workflow, then dive into spreadsheet fundamentals like table structures, data types, formatting, sorting and filtering.

From there we’ll dig into formulas and functions, introduce key topics like syntax, reference types, and common errors, and practice applying some of the most common and powerful techniques for data management and analysis. We’ll use functions to count and aggregate values, create logical tests, join data across tables, manipulate text and date values, and more.

Next we’ll introduce Pivot Tables, an essential spreadsheet tool for data exploration. We’ll prepare raw data for analysis, create views to slice and dice the data, and apply tools like sorting, grouping, and calculated fields.

We’ll also dive into the world of data visualization and storytelling, review best practices for effective design, and bring our data to life using visuals like bars and columns, line and area charts, scatterplots and maps.

Last but not least, we’ll demonstrate some of Google Sheets’ unique sharing and collaboration features, including comments, notifications, edit history, sheet protection, and more.

This is a hands-on and project-based course, designed to help you build practical data literacy and analytical thinking skills. You’ll work with unique, real-world datasets, and apply your skills with hands-on assignments every step of the way.




  • Anyone looking to develop core data literacy and analytical thinking skills
  • Data professionals looking for a comprehensive introduction to Google Sheets
  • Spreadsheet users who want to build job-ready data prep, analysis, visualization and collaboration skills


  • We will be using Google Sheets for course demos (free, in-browser)
  • No advance preparation is required (basic data skills are a plus, but not a prerequisite)

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