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Self-Paced Course

Advanced MySQL Database Admin

Learn Advanced SQL skills for building, optimizing, and administering relational databases using MySQL Workbench.

Course Hours13 hours
Skills Learned
Data Prep
Database Design
Course Level

Course Description

MySQL is a powerful tool for managing and analyzing relational databases, and a skill that every analyst and BI professional should have in the arsenal.

In this course, you'll take your database DBA skills to the next level, expanding into advanced concepts like replication, backup, recovery, and security, along with automation tools like stored procedures, triggers, and scheduled events.

We'll start by introducing the course structure, installing MySQL Community and Workbench, and reviewing key database administration (DBA) tasks; creating and editing schemas & tables, inserting and deleting records, and reviewing the key principles of normalized databases.

From there we'll work through more advanced DBA concepts like replication, backup and recovery, and learn how to leverage automation via stored procedures, triggers, and scheduled events.

Throughout the course, you'll be playing the role of Lead DBA for a new firm, building out an entire database and populating tables from the ground up, just like you would in the real world.

If you're looking for a unique and highly engaging way to develop advanced SQL database administration skills, this is the course for you.




  • Analysts or BI professionals looking to gain a deeper understanding of database management
  • DBAs who want to learn core database management & automation tools
  • Anyone seeking to master one of the world's most popular database programming languages


  • MySQL Workbench and Community Server (we'll walk you through the install process)
  • If you are new to MySQL or database fundementals, we recommend completing our basic MySQL Database Administration course first

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