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Analyze real survey results to craft a data-driven strategy for opening a new coffee shop
Feb 22, 2024
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Mar 18, 2024

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Challenge Objective

For the Maven Coffee Challenge, you'll play the role of an Analytics Consultant hired by a group of investors looking to break into the US coffee market. They would like to leverage insights from "The Great American Coffee Taste Test", but lack the analytical skills to do so. That's where you come in!

You've been asked to share an explanatory report providing a data-driven strategy for opening their first coffee shop. The investors expressed interest in the following areas, but are open to any additional insights and recommendations you can provide:

  • Target audience: What type of customer should we target, and what are their preferences?
  • Product offering: What types of coffee beans and drinks should we offer?
  • Pricing strategy: How can we align prices with customer value perception?

Need inspiration to get started? Check out James Hoffmann's Surprising And Fascinating Results From The Taste Test.


For more chances to win, we'll be crowning 3 separate winners for each challenge moving forward:

  1. A general "Challenge Winner" (like always)
  2. A "First-time Entrant" winner
  3. A "Fan Favorite" winner (based on project likes in Maven Showcase)

Please consult the Terms & Conditions for full details.

About The Data SetThe data contains survey responses from ~4,000 Americans after a blind coffee taste test conducted by YouTube coffee expert James Hoffmann and Cometeer. This first-of-its-kind experiment was designed to provide a largely identical tasting experience for people across the country. After the tasting, and once the surveys were submitted, details about each of the 4 coffees they tasted were revealed (more info in the full dataset details).
Great American Coffee Taste Test
Survey responses from ~4,000 Americans after a blind coffee taste test.
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Single table
Data structure
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Official Terms & Conditions
  • Maven Analytics will give away 3 Annual subscriptions for an Individual account. 1 for a "First-time Entrant", 1 for the "Fan Favorite", and 1 for the "Challenge Winner". After the one year period, the subscriptions will renew at full price unless canceled (you can cancel at any time).
  • A "First-time entrant" is a Maven Analytics user who has published a project to Showcase assigned to a Maven Challenge for the first time.
  • Maven Analytics will give away 1 "Challenge Winner" shirt to the overall Challenge Winner.
  • No purchase is necessary to enter.
  • The challenge will close to new entries on Sunday, March 17, 2024, at 11:59pm EST. All entries must be submitted prior.
  • After the submission deadline, the "First-time Entrant" winner and general finalists will be chosen by the Maven team behind closed doors.
  • The "Fan Favorite" will be awarded to the project with the most Likes on Showcase at the time of the submission deadline.
  • Maven Analytics will select 1 "Challenge Winner" from the finalists in a live vote.
  • All 3 winners will be announced on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 at 10:00am EST. The official announcement will be posted on LinkedIn from the Maven Analytics account.
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