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Project steps:

  1. Finding the Outliers in the dataset. There are some outliers identified in the response table and those datas are removed.

  2. I have used only the Top Box % instead of Middle and Bottom % for ease.

  3. The First Page covers all the Measures in a line chart for the years from 07_2015 to 07_2023.

    a. If there is a improvement in the respective measure in the current year, it will be indicated in green color else Red color

    b. Total Survey and Response (07_2019 - 07_2023).

    c. Survey Count and Response over Facility ID(07_2019 - 07_2023).

4.The Second Page Covers the Best Region and Best States Performance out of 10 Survey Measures.

a. Bar Chart Indicates how much Percentage out of all the states that each Survey Measures have improved.

b. Region Wise and State Wise Survey Measures Improvements Indications.


a. Overall Hospital Rating Measure tops with improvements in 29% of the states in USA.

b. Nurse Communication & Quietness comes 2nd and 3rd with improvements in 27% and 25% of the states.

c. Communication with Doctors with improvements only in 10% of the states.

d. Communication about Medicines is the Least Performing measure with improvement only 6% of the states.

e. Insurance Claims and Emergency Care Response can be added to the measures list.

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Prem nath
Prem nath
19 days ago
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18 days ago
Project owner
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