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The Problem

Why do traditional training programs typically fail?

So you’re looking to learn some new skills and level up your career. Right? Where do you start with ALL the options available in today’s online world? Do you enroll in a Master program? Sign up for a 3-month bootcamp? Just learn from forums, free tutorials, and well… the internet?

All of these are options, but are they really going to provide the value you’re looking for?
Let’s break it down.

Traditional Higher Education

Enrolling in a college or university curriculum could be beneficial, however its VERY expensive, takes a long time, and ultimately isn’t focused in the job skills which can make a difference for you TODAY. To put this into data terms, you’re getting a terrible ROI.

Live Training and Bootcamps

Yes, you’ll get courses from a live instructor focused on a specific topic, however how much can you really retain in a few weeks? You’re drinking from a fire hose. Almost impossible to master skills in a crash course. Eventually you’re lost again for your next dashboard 6-months down the road.

Self training and one-off courses

Yes there is a TON of content on the internet to source. You’ll find plenty of courses for every subject, tool, or topic. However, you’ll inevitably be left with significent knowledge gaps. You don’t know what you don’t know, so how can you google a query you didn’t even know existed?

At Maven, we know these challenges because we’ve been there and seen the mistakes over the course of decades. That’s why we create affordable, self-paced training solutions designed by industry experts to give you the job-ready skills you need to succeed.

The Maven Solution

Project-based training designed to deliver job-ready skills.

Our formula is simple: quality content, exceptional instructors, and unique tools to help you build the exact skills you need, exactly when you need them. Our project-based courses are packed with real-world examples and hands-on assignments so you'll be practicing as you learn.

Find courses curated to your skill set and learning goals which use real world examples to teach you valuable skills today! Don’t waste your time learning redundant skills you’ll never really use.

  • Project-based courses designed with real world data
  • Curated learning paths specific to your learning goals & skills
  • Extensive library with courses for every skill level

The Maven Method

Designed by seasoned analytics professionals to deliver real-world results


Find Your Path

Take a quick, 2-minute survey and we’ll match you with the best courses & paths to help you reach your goals


Assess Your Skills

Kick off each course with a benchmark assessment to see how your skills stack up, and where they fall short


Build Your Expertise

Complete project-based courses & paths to develop expert-level analytics and business intelligence skills


Promote Your Talent

Earn credentials, track your progress, and share your achievements from your personal student dashboard

Professional Instructors

Learn directly from accomplished professionals.

Our instructors draw from decades of professional experince in numerous analytics positions to create our one of a kind courses. Learn what REALLY matters in today’s fast-paced analyst market.

With hundreds of hours of content and videos you’ll be sure to find the course, instructor, and skill to make your next career leap!

  • Professionally certified and proven instructors
  • Real world analysts delivering the skills that matter
  • 1-on-1 access to verified instructors with every course
Best Learning Experience

An innovative, one-of-a-kind online learning platform

The Maven online platform is custom designed from the ground up to deliver the highest-quality learning experience. Easily view your recommended courses, track progress, earn credentials, and promote your skills from within your 100% personalized online dashboard.

We’ve changed the game when it comes to the standards of online training. Are you ready to experience your Maven transformation into a certified data rockstar?

  • 100% personalized online learning platform
  • Easily access your courses, learning paths, & credentials
  • One-click access to 1-on-1 instructor support anytime!
Certified Credentials

Certified credentials to prove you're a true data rockstar

So you’ve learned some new skills, how can you show the world and prospective employers? Easy.. with Maven’s third-party certified credentials you can rest assured that your next position will honor your newly acquired talents.

Simply promote on LinkedIn, or any other social platform with a few clicks. With the security of third-party verification you can rest assured your skills won’t go unnoticed!

  • Third-party validated course & path credentials
  • Lifetime access to badges and course accomplishments
  • Easily promoted on all social and professional networks

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